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Managing Your Files
Managing Your Files
Creating and Working with Files and Folders in Windows XP
Distance Learning Company
The Distance Learning Company specializes in distance learning courses for individuals who want to participate in
college-level classes to work toward a degree or for personal enrichment. Distance learning is formalized education
that typically takes place using a computer and the Internet, replacing normal classroom interaction with modern
communications technology. The company’s goal is to help students gain new skills and stay competitive in the job
market. The head of the Customer Service Department, Shannon Connell, interacts with the Distance Learning
Company’s clients on the phone and from her computer. Shannon, like all other employees, is required to learn the
basics of managing files on her computer.
In this tutorial, you’ll help Shannon devise a strategy for managing files. You’ll learn how Windows XP organizes
files and folders, and you’ll examine Windows XP file management tools. You’ll create folders and organize files
within them. You’ll also explore options for working with compressed files.
| Objectives
| SAM Training Tasks
• Change the appearance
of the My Documents
• Collapse an area
• Compress files
• Copy a file in Explorer
by right-dragging
• Copy a file to a
different folder
• Copy a folder
• Copy files to a folder on
a floppy disk
• Create a folder
• Create a folder in the
My Documents folder
• Delete a file
• Delete multiple files
from a folder
• Develop file manage-
ment strategies
• Explore files and folders
• Create, name, copy,
move, and delete
• Name, copy, move, and
delete files
• Work with
compressed files
• Expand a folder using
Windows Explorer
• Extract compressed files
• Move a file
• Move a folder
• Navigate through the
Windows hierarchy
• Rename a file
• Restore files
• Select a menu option
• Select a toolbar button
• Select more than one
file at a time
• View contents of a
folder using Windows
For a complete list of the Data Files needed for this tutorial, see page FM 2.
Student Data Files
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