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Working with Folders and Files
To move files using the File and Folder Tasks area:
1. Click the Folders button on the Standard Buttons toolbar. The task pane replaces the
Folders pane, so that this window now resembles the My Computer window. Switch to List
view, if necessary.
2. Click the Resume file to select it. The task pane links change so that they are appropriate
for working with files.
3. In the File and Folder Tasks area, click Move this file . The Move Items dialog box opens.
See Figure 10.
Move Items dialog box
Figure 10
use the expand and
collapse icons to navigate
your computer
4. Click the expand icon
next to the drive containing your Data Files. Continue clicking
expand icons
to navigate to the Tutorial folder provided with your Data Files.
5. Click the Job Hunt folder.
6. Click the Move button. The Move Items dialog box closes; Windows moves the Resume file
to the Job Hunt folder, and then displays the contents of the Tutorial folder, which no
longer contains the Resume file.
You’ll move the Stationery file from the Tutorial folder to the Job Hunt folder.
7. Click the Stationery file in the Tutorial window, and then click Move this file in the File
and Folder Tasks area. The Move Items dialog box opens again, with the Job Hunt folder
already selected for you.
8. Click the Move button.
You can also copy a file using the same techniques as when you move a file—by drag-
ging with the right mouse button or by using the File and Folder Tasks links. Another easy
way to copy a file is to use the file’s shortcut menu. You can copy more than one file at the
same time by selecting all the files you want to copy, and then clicking them as a group.
To select files that are listed together in a window, click the first file in the list, hold down
the Shift key, click the last file in the list, and then release the Shift key. To select files that
are not listed together, click one file, hold down the Ctrl key, click the other files, and then
release the Ctrl key.
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