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Working with Compressed Files
To compress the folders and files in the Tutorial folder:
1. In Windows Explorer, navigate to the Tutorial folder.
2. Right-click a blank area of the right pane, point to New on the shortcut menu, and then
click Compressed (zipped) Folder . A new compressed folder with a zipper icon appears in
the Tutorial window. See Figure 11. Your window might appear in a different view.
Creating a compressed folder
Figure 11
type to provide a
new folder name
zipped folder icon
Trouble? If the Compressed (zipped) Folder command does not appear on the New sub-
menu, a different compression program is probably installed on your computer. Click a
blank area of the Tutorial window to close the shortcut menu, and then read but do not
perform the remaining steps.
3. Type Final Tutorial files , and then press the Enter key. Windows XP creates the com-
pressed folder in the Tutorial folder.
4. Click the Graphics folder in the right pane, hold down the Shift key, click the Playground
folder in the right pane, and then release the Shift key. Three folders are selected in the
Tutorial window.
5. Drag the three folders to the Final Tutorial files compressed folder. Windows XP copies
the files to the folder, compressing them to save space.
You open a compressed folder by double-clicking it. You can then move and copy files
and folders in a compressed folder, though you cannot rename them. If you want to open,
edit, and save files in a compressed folder, you should first extract them. When you do,
Windows XP uncompresses the files and copies them to a location that you specify, pre-
serving them in their folders as appropriate.
To extract the compressed files:
1. Right-click the Final Tutorial files compressed folder, and then click Extract All on the
shortcut menu. The Extraction Wizard starts and opens the Welcome to the Compressed
(zipped) Folders Extraction Wizard dialog box.
2. Click the Next button. The Select a Destination dialog box opens.
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