Microsoft Office Tutorials and References
In Depth Information
Key Terms
Tutorial Summary
In this tutorial, you examined Windows XP file organization, noting that you need to orga-
nize files and folders to work efficiently. You learned about typical file management strate-
gies, whether you are working on a hard disk or a removable disk. Then you applied these
strategies to organizing files and folders by creating folders, moving and copying files, and
renaming and deleting files. You also learned how to copy files to a compressed (zipped)
folder, and then extract files from a compressed folder.
Key Terms
compact disc (CD)
compressed (zipped) folder
Explorer bar
file path
file system
floppy disk
Folders pane
hard disk
My Computer
My Documents folder
Recycle Bin
root directory
USB drive
Windows Explorer
Review Assignments
Data Files needed for the Review Assignments: Commissions.xls, Contracts.xls, Customer
Accounts.xls, Billing Worksheet.wk4, Car Savings Plan.xls, Personal Loan.doc,
Speech.wav, Filenames.pps, Water lilies.jpg
Complete the following steps, recording your answers to any questions in the spaces
Practice the skills you
learned in the tutorial.
1. Use My Computer or Windows Explorer as necessary to record the following information:
• Where are you supposed to store the files you use in the Review Assignments for
this tutorial?
• Describe the method you will use to navigate to the location where you save your
files for this book.
• Do you need to follow any special guidelines or conventions when naming the files
your save for this book? For example, should all the filenames start with your course
number or tutorial number? If so, describe the conventions.
• When you are instructed to open a file for this book, what location are you sup-
posed to use?
• Describe the method you will use to navigate to this location.
2. Use My Computer or Windows Explorer to navigate to and open the FM\Review
folder provided with your Data Files.
3. Examine the nine files in the Review folder included with your Data Files, and then
answer the following questions:
• How will you organize these files?
• What folders will you create?
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