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Case Problem
• Which files will you store in these folders?
• Will you use any built-in Windows folders? If so, which ones? For which files?
4. In the Review folder, create three folders: Business, Personal Finances, and
Project Media.
5. Move the Commissions , Contracts , Customer Accounts , and Billing Worksheet files
from the Review folder to the Business folder.
6. Move the Car Savings Plan and Personal Loan files to the Personal Finances folder.
7. Copy the remaining files to the Project Media folder.
8. Delete the files in the Review folder (do not delete any folders).
9. Rename the Speech file in the Project Media folder to Ask Not .
10. Create a compressed (zipped) folder in the Review folder named Final Review files
that contains all the files and folders in the Review folder.
11. Extract the contents of the Final Review files folder to a new folder named Extracted .
( Hint: The file path will end with “\FM\Review\Extracted.”)
12. Use Windows Explorer or My Computer to locate all copies of the Personal Loan file
in the subfolders of the Review folder. In which locations did you find this file?
13. Close all open windows.
Case Problem 1
Data Files needed for this Case Problem: Invoice Jan.xls, Invoice Feb.xls, Invoice
March.xls, Painting Class – Agenda.doc, Painting Class – Questionnaire.doc, Painting
Class – Teaching Manual.doc, Paris.jpg, Vegetables.jpg
Jefferson Street Fine Arts Center Rae Wysnewski owns the Jefferson Street Fine Arts Center
(JSFAC) in Pittsburgh, and offers classes and gallery, studio, and practice space for aspiring
and fledgling artists, musicians, and dancers. Rae opened JSFAC two years ago, and this year
the center has a record enrollment in its classes. Knowing you are multitalented, she hires
you to teach a painting class for three months and to show her how to manage her files on
her new Windows XP computer. Complete the following steps:
Use the skills you
learned in the tutorial
to manage files and
folders for an arts
1. In the FM\Cases folder provided with your Data Files, create two folders: Invoices
and Painting Class.
2. Move the Invoice Jan , Invoice Feb , and Invoice March files from the Cases folder to
the Invoices folder.
3. Rename the three files in the Invoices folder to remove “Invoice” from each name.
4. Move the three text documents from the Cases folder to the Painting Class folder.
Rename the three documents, using shorter but still descriptive names.
5. Copy the remaining files to the Painting Class folder.
6. Using My Computer or Windows Explorer, switch to Details view and then answer
the following questions:
a. What is the largest file in the Painting Class folder?
b. How many files (don’t include folders) are in the Cases folder?
c. How many word-processed documents are in the Cases folder and its subfolders?
d. How many files in the Painting Class folder are JPEG images? ( Hint: Look in the
Type column to identify JPEG images.)
7. Delete the Paris and Vegetables files from the Painting Class folder.
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