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Browser and E-mail Basics
Browser and E-mail Basics
Introduction to Microsoft Internet Explorer and Microsoft Outlook Express
McKiernan’s Irish B&B
Susan McKiernan and her husband, Preston, moved to Lewistown, Pennsylvania, from Ballyconnell, Ireland, several
years ago because Preston’s company relocated its manufacturing division. In Ireland Susan’s family ran a bed-and-
breakfast (B&B) for many years, and eager to begin her own business, Susan decided to open a B&B in Lewistown.
The house that she and Preston bought was perfect for a B&B, having once provided lodging during the late 1800s
and early 1900s for travelers. The house has three floors, a large kitchen, a large living room, and a dining room in
the front of the house, separated by a large foyer. There are three bedrooms on the second floor, each with its own
bathroom, and two bedrooms that share a bath on the third floor. There is also an attached barn, which has been
converted into a master suite.
The business has grown steadily to the point that Preston now manages the front desk while Susan attends to the
daily running of the inn. Most of their business comes by word of mouth, and they have decided to expand using
more formal marketing channels. Susan and Preston have recently hired an advertising firm, Capital Ads Online, to
develop a marketing campaign that will utilize the Internet as an advertising medium. Next week, Susan, who will
be responsible for implementing and managing the inn’s Web site, will meet with Martha Kent, the account execu-
tive at Capital Ads assigned to the McKiernans’ account. In preparation for the meeting, Martha suggested that
Susan view the design and layout of Web sites for other B&Bs to give her some ideas for her own advertisements on
the Internet. Martha also gave Susan her e-mail address so they can communicate electronically.
You work for Susan and Preston as an intern, getting hands-on experience in the hotel management industry. They
want you to help Susan prepare for her meeting with Martha by researching other B&Bs that advertise using the
Internet. You explain to them that, although you are familiar with computers, you haven’t spent much time
| Objectives
| SAM Training Tasks
• Add a Web site to your
list of Favorites/
• Enter a URL in the
Address bar
• Find a previously
displayed Web page
• Go to a Web page by
using links
• Home button
• Hyperlink navigation
with the mouse
• Open and save URLs
• Organize Favorites
Session 1
• Learn the relationship
between the Internet and
the World Wide Web
• Learn about Web pages
and Web browsers
• Learn about Web
• Navigate links on
Web pages
• Return to Web sites
using the History list
• Create and organize
• Print a Web page
• Save a Web page and
a graphic from a
Web page
• Print a Web page
• Refresh a Web page
• Remove Favorites
• Return to a Web page
• Save a Web page
• Save a Web page
graphic to a disk
• Search the Web using
another search engine
• Stop a Web page
• Use the Favorites
• Use the history list
Session 2
• Learn about e-mail and
e-mail software
• Send, receive, reply to,
and print an e-mail
• Gain an understanding
of e-mail etiquette
• Add and delete contacts
in the Address Book
• Add an attachment to a
• Send a Web page
Student Data Files
For a complete list of the Data Files needed for this tutorial, see page BEB 2.
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