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Session 1
Using hyperlinks to go to related information
Figure 2
Web pages are ordinary text files, much like the files created by word-processing soft-
ware. However, the text must be formatted according to a generally accepted standard,
and the standard format used on the Web is the Hypertext Markup Language (HTML) .
HTML provides a variety of text-formatting tags that you can use to indicate headings,
paragraphs, bulleted lists, numbered lists, and other useful text formats in an HTML docu-
ment. The real power of HTML, however, lies in its ability to enable you to access multi-
ple HTML documents through hyperlinks.
The computers on the Internet that store Web pages are called Web servers . A Web site
is a collection of hyperlinked Web pages that have a common theme or focus and are
stored on a Web server belonging to an organization or individual. Web sites can be used
to provide information about an organization or an individual. They can also be used by
businesses to sell or advertise their products and to communicate information to their cus-
tomers or employees. The McKiernans want to create a Web site to advertise their inn.
To help locate and navigate the large number of Web sites and Web pages, you can
use a Web directory or a search engine. A Web directory is a special type of Web page
that contains a list of Web sites organized by topical categories, such as education or
recreation. The hyperlinks on a Web directory page lead either to other pages contain-
ing lists of subcategories or to Web pages that relate to the category topics. Web
search engines are Web pages that conduct searches of the Web to find the words or
expressions that you enter as search criteria. The result of such a search is a Web page
that contains hyperlinks to Web pages that contain matching text or expressions. There
are general search engines, such as Google, that you can use to find a wide variety of
information. There are also business search engines, such as, that you
can use to find news, finance, technology, and industry-specific information. Figure 3
provides a list of common search engines.
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