Microsoft Office Tutorials and References
In Depth Information
Session 1
4. Scroll down the list of Student Online Companion links, and then click the Microsoft Office
2003 link to open the Microsoft Office 2003 Student Online Companion page.
5. Scroll down and click the link for Microsoft Office 2003 First Course , and then click the
Browser and E-mail Basics link to open the page that contains the links for this tutorial.
Martha Kent has suggested that Susan locate some Web sites advertising B&Bs to give
her an idea of designs and layouts that appeal to her. This will help her in planning and
designing the Web site for McKiernan’s Irish B&B. Susan asks you to work with her to find
some appropriate sites.
To go to the Web site for a B&B:
1. Scroll down to the Browser and E-mail Basics page to the Session 1 heading for this text.
2. Click one of the links listed under this heading to open the home page for a bed-and-
breakfast. The home page for the B&B opens and may look similar to the sample shown in
Figure 8.
Centre Mills Bed and Breakfast home page
Figure 8
click the Back
button to return
to the Browser
and E-mail
Basics page
URL for the Web site
scroll to display
more of the page
graphic links
i n dicates the page has finished loading
3. Read the Web page using the scroll bar on the right, if necessary, but do not click any area
on the page.
4. Scroll back to the top of the page.
Once you arrive at the Web site in which you are interested, you can begin moving
around the site by clicking the different links that are available. To help you navigate a
Web site, you can also use the Back and Forward buttons on the Standard Buttons toolbar.
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