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Session 1
As you become more and more familiar with Web sites on the Internet, you will proba-
bly want to return to certain sites because they provide information that you need on a
regular basis. When you find a site that you know you will return to more than once, you
can save it as a “favorite.”
Using the Favorites Feature
Web addresses can be very long and, as a result, difficult to remember. Using the History
list to locate important pages will be a terrific asset as you collect the information you
need. In Internet Explorer, you can also save the URL of a Web site as a favorite in the
Favorites list. The Favorites list is a feature that you can use to store and organize a list of
Web pages you want to revisit. You click the Favorites button on the Standard Buttons
toolbar to open the Favorites Explorer bar, which displays your list of favorites.
Susan wants you to save as a favorite any Web site that you think is well designed and
easy to navigate. Then, when she has time, she will choose a few to show Martha Kent at
their planning meeting next week.
To open the Favorites Explorer bar and then save a Web page as a
1. Display the Web page you want to save as a favorite.
2. Click the Favorites button on the Standard Buttons toolbar. The Favorites Explorer bar
opens in the left pane of the Internet Explorer window.
3. Click the Add button in the Favorites Explorer bar. The Add Favorite dialog box opens. See
Figure 10. The text in the Name text box is the name of the currently displayed Web page
as it appears in the Internet Explorer title bar. You can change the name of the favorite,
but make sure you give it a meaningful name.
Add Favorite dialog box
Figure 10
click if you want to
be able to view the
favorite when not
connected to the
click to create a
favorites folder
name of current Web page as it appears in the title bar
Trouble? If your Add Favorite dialog box is expanded and displays the Create in list box,
click the Create in << button to reduce the size of the dialog box so it matches the one
shown in the figure.
4. Select the text in the Name text box, and then type an appropriate name. For example, if
you were to create a favorite for the Centre Mills Bed and Breakfast site, you might enter
“Centre Mills” in the Name text box.
5. Click the OK button to close the Add Favorite dialog box. The favorite you just created
appears in the Favorites list in the Favorites Explorer bar.
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