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If you select the Make available offline option in the Add Favorite dialog box, Internet
Explorer saves a copy of the Web page in a special folder on your hard drive. This means
that you can display the Web page without connecting to the Internet. For example, if you
are using a laptop in a place where there is no Internet access available, you can still dis-
play the Web page.
Saving Web sites as favorites is easy and will come in handy as you gather more infor-
mation. However, having a long list of favorites may not be as helpful as you want. If the
list is too long, you will waste time scrolling through the list, which defeats the purpose of
the Favorites list—having ready access to a frequently visited Web page. To address this
potential pitfall, you can create folders to organize and store multiple favorites.
Organizing Favorites
Internet Explorer offers an easy way to organize your favorite sites. You can use the Organize
Favorites dialog box to create folders for storing your favorites. This dialog box provides
options for creating folders, moving favorites into different folders, renaming favorites and
folders, and deleting favorites and folders.
Reference Window
Organizing the Favorites List
Click the Favorites button on the Standard Buttons toolbar, and then click the Organize
button in the Favorites Explorer bar to open the Organize Favorites dialog box.
To create a new folder, click the Create Folder button, and then type the name for the
new folder.
To move a favorite into a folder, select the item, click the Move to Folder button, select
the folder for the item in the Browse for Folder dialog box, and then click the OK button.
To remove an item from the Favorites list, select the item from the list in the Organize
Favorites dialog box, and then click the Delete button.
Because Susan likes the Centre Mills Bed and Breakfast Web site and Preston hasn’t
seen it yet, you will save it as a favorite. Susan suggests that you create a folder to be used
to store other appropriate Web sites that you find.
To create a new Favorites folder and move a favorite into it:
1. Click the Organize button in the Favorites Explorer bar to open the Organize Favorites dia-
log box. See Figure 11.
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