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Session 1
Organize Favorites dialog box
Figure 11
the list of
favorites on
your screen
will differ
the favorite
you saved
should appear
in this list
indicates the last time the Links folder was
modified (this date on your screen will differ)
2. Click the Create Folder button, type B&B Sites for the new folder name, and then press
the Enter key. Now you can move the favorite you created in the previous steps into this
new folder.
3. Click the name of the favorite you created earlier, and then click the Move to Folder but-
ton. The Browse for Folder dialog box opens. You can use this dialog box to locate the
folder in which you want to store the selected favorite.
4. Click the B&B Sites folder, and then click the OK button.
5. Click the Close button to close the Organize Favorites dialog box. Now the favorite you cre-
ated is saved as a favorite in the B&B Sites folder, which appears in the Favorites list in the
Favorites Explorer bar.
6. Click the B&B Sites folder in the Favorites Explorer bar. The contents of the folder appear,
displaying the name of the favorite you created.
As you use the Web to find information about bed-and-breakfasts and other items, you
might find yourself creating many favorites so you can return to sites of interest. Sometimes
you will find you no longer need a favorite or a folder of favorites. You can remove the
folder and any favorites contained within it using the Delete button in the Organize
Favorites dialog box. You also can delete an item from the Favorites list by right-clicking the
item in the Favorites Explorer bar, and clicking Delete on the shortcut menu. Because you
may be working in a computer lab and sharing this computer with other users, you need to
delete the folder you just created.
To delete the item from the Favorites list:
1. Right-click the B&B Sites folder in the Favorites list in the Favorites Explorer bar. A short-
cut menu displays commands for working with favorites.
2. Click Delete on the shortcut menu, and then click the Yes button in the Confirm Folder
Delete dialog box. The B&B Sites folder and the favorite you created are removed from the
Favorites list.
3. Click the Close button
in the Favorites Explorer bar to close it.
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