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Session 1
To save the image from the Web page:
1. Go to the Web page that displays images of the B&B or rooms offered.
2. Right-click an image on the page to display the shortcut menu. See Figure 13. A toolbar of
graphic commands may also display; you can use either one of these elements to save the
graphic. Note that the shortcut menu provides more options. The toolbar provides quick and
easy access to the four most frequently performed graphics-related tasks: saving an image,
printing an image, sending an image in an e-mail message, and opening the My Pictures folder.
Figure 13
Options for saving a Web page graphic
shortcut menu
shortcut toolbar
with four
3. Click Save Picture As on the shortcut menu to open the Save Picture dialog box, and then
navigate to the BEB\Tutorial folder.
4. Change the default filename to Web Page Graphic , and make sure JPEG (*.jpeg) appears in
the Save as type list box. A JPEG file is a common file type for an image or picture.
5. Click the Save button.
6. Close your Web browser.
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