Microsoft Office Tutorials and References
In Depth Information
Session 2
Outlook Express window
Figure 16
identifies the owner
of the account (the
account name on
your screen will differ)
Folders list
right pane
Contacts list
Trouble? If you cannot find Outlook Express on the All Programs menu, check to see if an
Outlook Express shortcut icon appears on the desktop or on the taskbar, and then double-
click it. If you do not see the shortcut icon, ask your instructor or technical support person
for help. The program might be installed in a different folder on your computer.
Trouble? If you see a dialog box with the message “Outlook Express is not currently your
default mail client. Would you like to make it your default mail client?” click the No button
and then continue with the tutorial.
Trouble? If the title bar on the open window says “Microsoft Outlook” instead of
“Microsoft Outlook Express,” click the Close button to exit the program, and then repeat Step 1.
Trouble? If a Dial-up Connection dialog box opens, enter your user name and password
into the appropriate text boxes, and then click the Connect button. If you do not know your
user name or password, ask your instructor or technical support person for assistance. After
you make a connection, continue with the tutorial.
In addition to the standard Windows components, such as the title bar, menu bar, scroll
bars, Close button, and status bar, the Outlook Express window includes the following
Toolbar : Provides the buttons for frequently performed commands, such as composing a
new message, sending or receiving mail, or replying to a message you receive.
Folders list : Displays the default Outlook Express folders, which include the Inbox,
Outbox, Sent Items, Deleted Items, and Draft folders. Your mail is organized in these folders
automatically. You can create additional folders for the messages you create and receive.
Contacts list : Displays the list of the people, companies, and organizations to which
you send mail. The Contacts list appears below the Folders list.
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