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Session 2
2. Type your e-mail address in the To text box. For example, type .
Trouble? Check with your instructor or technical support person if you are not sure what
e-mail address you should enter.
3. Click the Subject text box, and then type Test .
4. Click in the message area, type This is just a practice test message , press the Enter key
twice, and then type your name .
5. Click the Send button on the Standard Buttons toolbar. Outlook Express sends the message
to the Outbox, and then to your e-mail address. You may see a number enclosed in paren-
theses appear briefly to the right of the Outbox folder in the Folders list. The number indi-
cates that Outlook Express has moved the message to the Outbox, which in turn will send
the message to the e-mail server for delivery.
If you wanted to send this message to many people, you could have typed more than
one e-mail address in the To or Cc text box. You must separate each address with a
comma or semicolon. You can also add the e-mail addresses of people (your contacts) to
your Address Book, which you will do shortly.
Viewing Sent Messages
When you click the Send button, Outlook Express moves your message to the Outbox
folder, and from there the mail server sends the message out. Usually the message remains
in the Outbox folder for a brief moment. Sometimes the transmission happens so quickly,
you might not notice the number that appears beside the Outbox folder because it just
flashes. To make sure your message has been sent, you can open the Sent Items folder to
see all the messages you have sent or replied to.
To view the message you sent:
1. Click the Sent Items folder in the Folders list. Your message appears in the pane on the
right, as shown in Figure 18.
Sent Items folder
Figure 18
indicates the number of messages
in the Sent Items folder
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