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Session 2
Trouble? If you do not see the Folders list in the Outlook Express window, click View on
the menu bar, click Layout, click the Folder List check box in the Window Layout Properties
dialog box to select this option, and then click the OK button. Repeat Step 1.
Working with E-mail Messages
Outlook Express transfers, or downloads, messages addressed to you from your e-mail server
to your Inbox. Once your messages have been downloaded, they appear in a list with the
name of the sender and the subject displayed. To preview a message, you click the message
in the list to display its contents in the preview pane, or you can double-click the message to
open it in a separate window. You can also print the messages that you receive.
To receive, read, and print the Test e-mail message:
1. Click the Send/Recv button on the toolbar. Outlook Express contacts your e-mail server
and downloads your e-mail messages. When messages are retrieved from the e-mail server,
the number of messages retrieved appears to the right of the Inbox folder. This list of mes-
sages appears in the upper portion of the right pane.
Trouble? If a dialog box opens, asking for your user name and password, enter the infor-
mation and continue with Step 2. See your instructor or technical support person if you
need help entering the correct user name or password.
2. Click the Inbox folder in the Folders list. The number of new, unread messages in the Inbox
appears to the right of the Inbox folder in the Folders list. A list of e-mail messages you
have received appears in the message list, and the content of the selected message in the
list appears in the preview pane. The status bar indicates how many messages there are
and if any have been read. See Figure 19.
Figure 19
Inbox folder
the closed envelope icon indicates
the message has not been read
c o ntent of the selected
message appears in the
preview pane
indicates the number of
messages in the Inbox
and their read/unread status
number of new messages downloaded
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