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Session 2
Adding a Contact to the Address Book
Reference Window
Click the Addresses button on the toolbar (or click Tools on the menu bar, and then click
Address Book) to open the Address Book window, click the New button, and then click
New Contact.
In the Properties dialog box, enter the first and last names (the middle name, title, and
nickname are optional). Modify the display name if necessary.
Enter the e-mail address and then click the Add button.
Enter additional information on the remaining tabs (optional).
Click the OK button, and then close the Address Book.
Display a message from the sender you want to add as a contact.
Right-click the sender’s name in the From text box, and then click Add to Address Book
on the shortcut menu.
Martha at Capital Ads wants to set up an initial meeting with Susan at her earliest con-
venience. Susan asks you to send Martha an e-mail message with the times she could
meet with Martha. Susan also wants you to attach a list of the ideas and questions she has
regarding the design of the Web site. But first she wants you to add Martha Kent to the
Address Book.
To add a contact to the Address Book:
1. Click the Addresses button on the toolbar to open the Address Book window, and then, if
necessary, click the Maximize button
on the Address Book window title bar to maxi-
mize the window.
2. Click the New button on the toolbar, and then click New Contact . The Properties dialog box
opens with the Name tab displayed. You enter the basic e-mail address information here.
3. Type Martha in the First text box, press the Tab key twice, and then type Kent in the Last
text box. As you enter the information in this top row of text boxes, the information
appears in the Display list box. The display name is the name that appears when the mes-
sage is displayed in the message list. The first and last names also appear in the title bar,
changing the “Properties” dialog box to “Martha Kent Properties.”
4. Click the Nickname text box, and then type Martha . When creating a message, you can
easily and quickly retrieve an e-mail address saved in the Address Book by typing the nick-
name of the contact.
5. Click the E-Mail Addresses text box, type , and then click
the Add button. See Figure 21.
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