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Session 2
Figure 21
Properties dialog box for contact Martha Kent
you can enter additional
information if it is available
first and
last names
e-mail ad dress
for contact
name that appears in the To or Cc box
when you type the nickname
6. Click the Business tab in the Martha Kent Properties dialog box, and then enter Capital
Ads Online in the Company text box. You can enter as much or as little additional informa-
tion as you have available and deem important. For now, this is all you have on Martha, so
you can close the Address Book.
7. Click the OK button to save the contact information to the Address Book, and then click the
Close button
to close the Address Book. Martha’s name now appears in the Contacts list.
You can make changes to the contact entries in the Address Book or delete a contact
when you no longer need to communicate with that individual. To edit contact informa-
tion or to delete a contact, open the Address Book, select the contact, and then click the
Properties button to make changes, or click the Delete button on the toolbar and then
click the Yes button to confirm the deletion. The Properties and Delete commands are
available on the shortcut menu that appears when you right-click a contact in the
Contacts list.
Although you can easily open the Address Book from the toolbar, you also may want to
have the Contacts list displayed on a regular basis. You can double-click a name in the
Contacts list to create a new message addressed to the contact.
Attaching a File to a Message
Recall that Susan wants to send Martha a list of ideas as an attachment to an e-mail mes-
sage. Before you send the message with the attachment, Susan suggests you try sending it
to yourself first.
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