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Session 2
To create a message with an attachment:
1. Click the Create Mail button on the toolbar to open the New Message window, and then click
the Maximize button
on the New Message window title bar to maximize this window.
2. Type your e-mail address in the To text box. Your display name automatically appears.
3. Type First Meeting in the Subject text box.
4. Click in the message area, and then, using Figure 22 as a guide, enter the message
text, pressing the Enter key between paragraphs and substituting your name for
Susan McKiernan’s.
First Meeting message to Martha Kent
Figure 22
enter your e-mail address
this field will either
be blank or contain a
classmate’s e-mail address
ent e r this
message text
enter your name here
5. Click the Attach button on the toolbar to open the Insert Attachment dialog box, navigate
to the BEB\Tutorial folder included with your Data Files, click B&B Ideas in the file list, and
then click the Attach button. The file attachment information appears in the Attach text
box, as shown in Figure 23.
First Meeting message with file attached
Figure 23
n a me of file and
size of attachment
6. Click the Send button on the toolbar. Outlook Express moves your message to the Outbox
folder before sending it to the e-mail server. You might see a “1” appear briefly next to the
Outbox folder.
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