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Review Assignments
There are no Data Files needed for the Review Assignments.
In preparation for her meeting with Martha Kent, Susan wants you to compile some addi-
tional information about the Web sites that specialize in Irish food, which she and Preston
want to feature at their B&B.
Practice the skills you
learned in the tutorial
using the same case
Complete the following:
1. Start your Web browser, go to the New Perspectives Student Union Web page
( ), click the Microsoft
Office 2003 link, click the Microsoft Office 2003 First Course link, click the Browser
and E-mail Basics link, and then click the Review Assignments link.
2. Click the hyperlinks listed under the category heading Irish Foods to explore the Web
pages for each entry.
3. Using the History Explorer bar, return to three sites that have the most interesting
home pages, and then print the home page of each.
4. Create a favorites folder named “Irish Foods,” and save as favorites the three sites
whose home pages you printed in the preceding step.
5. Using the Favorites Explorer bar, return to each site and answer the following questions:
a. Which sites include graphic links?
b. Which sites include links to other Web sites? ( Hint : If the Back button is not avail-
able when the Web page is displayed, the link has taken you to a new Web site.
Click the Close button to return to the previous site.)
c. Which sites include download links?
6. Choose your favorite image from any one of the sites, and save it in the BEB\Review
folder provided with your Data Files.
7. Start your e-mail program and create a message addressed to your instructor and
copied to yourself. Write the answers to Assignment 5 as the message text, attach the
image you saved in Assignment 6, send the message, and then close Outlook Express.
8. In Internet Explorer, delete the Irish Foods favorites folder (and all its contents) that
you created in Assignment 4, and then close Internet Explorer.
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