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Session 2
3. Select three of the Web sites you visited and, for each, prepare a list of the site’s con-
tents. Note whether each site includes financial information and whether the site dis-
closes how much the organization spends on administrative, or nonprogram, activities.
Also note whether the site lets visitors communicate with the organization via e-mail.
4. Identify which site you believe would be a good model for the Columbus Suburban
Area Council’s new Web site. Explain why you think your chosen site would be the
best example to follow. Save any documents you create for this exercise in the
BEB\Cases folder provided with your Data Files.
5. Close your Web browser and your Internet connection, if necessary.
Case Problem 3
There are no Data Files needed for this Case Problem.
Pretzel Piazza You are working for the Pretzel Piazza during your summer break. This
shop offers a large variety of coffees and teas, but its specialty is gourmet pretzels. The
pretzels come in a wide variety of flavors, from the standard salted pretzel to the most
decadent Belgium chocolate-covered pretzels. There are pretzels covered with a variety
of chocolate, caramel, nuts, and candies. The owners of Pretzel Piazza have a Web site,
but they are wondering if using a pop-up ad and junk mail campaign for a short period
of time might be a better way to advertise their products to a wider customer base. One
of your assignments is to research information and articles dealing with pop-up ads,
which are independent windows that appear when you are online, and junk mail, also
known as spam. After researching these topics, you will report back to the owners with
your recommendation.
Use the skills you
learned about Internet
Explorer to research
two of today’s most
popular advertising
vehicles on the
Complete the following:
1. Start your Web browser, go to the New Perspectives Student Union Web page
( , cl ick the Microsoft
Office 2003 link, and then click the Microsoft Office 2003 First Course link.
2. Click the Browser and E-mail Basics link, and then click the Case Problems link.
3. Use the hyperlinks under the Case Problem 3 heading to learn more about pop-up
4. Send an e-mail message to your instructor listing the pros and cons of pop-up ads on
the Internet. Give your opinion on whether pop-ups are effective advertising tools.
5. Return to the Case Problem 3 links, and use the hyperlinks to learn more about spam.
6. Send an e-mail message to your instructor listing the pros and cons of spam on the
Internet. Provide the names of the Web sites that you feel were the most helpful, and
explain what kind of information they provided. Indicate whether you feel spam is an
effective advertising tool.
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