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Session 2
Case Problem 4
There are no Data Files needed for this Case Problem.
Learning More About Outlook Express Outlook Express is a convenient way to handle
e-mail. Although not considered a full-featured or robust e-mail program, Outlook Express
does offer many useful tools and features. To learn more about this application, you will
use Microsoft Outlook Express Help.
Learn more about the
features and tools of
Outlook Express.
Complete the following:
1. Start Outlook Express.
2. Use Outlook Express Help to learn about stationery. ( Hint : Click Help on the menu
bar, click Contents and Index, click the Index tab, type “stationery” in the text box,
click the Search button to display a list of related topics, and then click the “Use sta-
tionery with outgoing messages” topic.)
3. Compose a message to your instructor using stationery. The content of the message
should include the steps you used to add the stationery to the message. Also include
how to set stationery as the default background for all new messages that you create.
Send a copy of the message to yourself.
4. Use Outlook Express Help to learn how to set up Outlook Express to receive e-mail
from a Hotmail account. ( Hint : Click Help on the menu bar, point to Microsoft on the
Web, click Search the Web to open the Search Companion pane, type “How do I set
up Outlook Express to receive Hotmail” in the text box, and then click the Search
button to go to the Microsoft Support Web page for information on Outlook Express
and Hotmail.)
5. Compose a message to your instructor, with a copy to yourself, explaining the steps
for the setup procedure. If you have a Hotmail account, do not set up Outlook
Express to receive your e-mail unless your instructor or technical support person
instructs you to do so.
SAM Assessment and Training
If your instructor has chosen to use the full online version of SAM 2003 Assessment and
Training, you can go beyond the “just-in-time” training provided on the CD that accompa-
nies this text. Simply log in to your SAM account ( to launch
any assigned training activities or exams that relate to the skills covered in this tutorial.
Lab Assignments
The New Perspectives Labs are designed to help you master some of the key concepts and
skills presented in this text. The steps for completing this Lab are located on the Course
Technology Web site. Log on to the Internet and use your Web browser to go to the Student
Online Companion for New Perspectives Office 2003 at .
Click the Lab Assignments link, and then navigate to the assignments for this tutorial.
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