Microsoft Office Tutorials and References
In Depth Information
Starting Office Programs
New, blank Excel workbook
Figure 2
window sizing
file window
title bar
menu bar
task pane
status bar
Trouble? If the Excel window doesn’t fill your entire screen, the window is not maximized,
or expanded to its full size. You’ll maximize the window shortly.
You can have more than one Office program open at once. You’ll use this same method
to start Word and open a new, blank document.
To start Word and open a new, blank document:
1. Click the Start button on the taskbar.
2. Point to All Programs to display the All Programs menu.
3. Point to Microsoft Office on the All Programs menu.
Trouble? If you don’t see Microsoft Office on the All Programs menu, point to Microsoft
Office Word 2003. If you still don’t see Microsoft Office Word 2003, ask your instructor or
technical support person for help.
4. Click Microsoft Office Word 2003 . Word opens with a new, blank document. See Figure 3.
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