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Exploring Common Window Elements
Most often you’ll want to maximize the program and file windows as you work to take
advantage of the full screen size you have available. If you have several files open, you
might want to restore the files so that you can see more than one window at a time or you
might want to minimize the programs with which you are not working at the moment.
You’ll try minimizing, maximizing, and restoring windows now.
To resize windows:
1. Click the Minimize button on the Word title bar to reduce the Word program window
to a taskbar button. The Excel window is visible again.
2. If necessary, click the Maximize button
on the Excel title bar. The Excel program
window expands to fill the screen.
3. Click the Restore Window button on the Excel menu bar. The file window, referred to as
the workbook window in Excel, resizes smaller than the full program window. See Figure 6.
Figure 6
Resized Excel windows
file window
window sizing
(yours might
be a different
size or shape)
drag to resize
window to a
custom size
4. Click the Maximize button on the Excel workbook window title bar. The Excel work-
book window expands to fill the program window.
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