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Using Task Panes
To open and close the task pane:
1 . If necessary, click View on the menu bar, and then click Task Pane . The most recently
viewed task pane opens on the right side of the screen. See Figure 11.
Getting Started task pane
Figure 11
click to see list of other
available task panes
click to close
task pane
navigatio n
click to open an
existing document
click to open a
new, blank
Trouble? If you do not see the task pane, you probably closed the open task pane in Step 1.
Repeat Step 1 to reopen the task pane.
Trouble? If a different task pane than the Getting Started task pane opens, then another
task pane was the most recently viewed task pane. You’ll learn how to open different task
panes in the next section; continue with Step 2.
2. Click the Close button on the task pane title bar. The task pane closes, leaving more
room on the screen for the open file.
3. Click View on the menu bar, and then click Task Pane . The task pane reopens.
There are several ways to display different task panes.
Navigating Among Task Panes
Once the task pane is open, you can display different task panes to suit the task you are
trying to complete. For example, you can display the New task pane when you want to
create a new file from a template. The name of the New task pane varies, depending on
the program you are using: Word has the New Document task pane, Excel has the New
Workbook task pane, PowerPoint has the New Presentation task pane, and Access has
the New File task pane.
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