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Using the Research Task Pane
Using the Research Task Pane
Reference Window
Type a keyword or phrase into the Search for text box.
Select a search category, individual source, or all references.
If necessary, click a link in the search results to display more information.
Copy and paste selected content from the task pane into your file.
Jake plans to send a copy of the next quarter’s sales report to the office in France. You’ll
use the bilingual dictionaries in the Research task pane to begin entering labels in French
into an Excel workbook for the sales report.
To use the bilingual dictionaries in the Research task pane:
1 . Click the Microsoft Excel – Book1 button on the taskbar to switch to the Excel window.
2 . Click the Other Task Panes button on the Getting Started task pane, and then click
Research . The Research task pane opens.
3 . Click in the Search for text box, and then type paper .
4 . Click the Search for list arrow and then click Translation . The bilingual dictionary opens in
the Research task pane. You can choose from among 12 languages to translate to and from,
including Japanese, Russian, Spanish, Dutch, German, and French.
Trouble? If a dialog box opens stating the translation feature is not installed, click the Yes
button to install it.
5 . If necessary, click the To list arrow, and then click French (France) . See Figure 12.
Research task pane
Figure 12
type a keyw ord
select a reference
source or sources
language to translate from
select language to translate to
search results (in
this case, French
translations of
6 . Scroll to read the different translations of “paper” in French.
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