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Working with Files
After you locate specific information, you can quickly insert it into your open file. The
information can be inserted by copying the selected content you want to insert, and then
pasting it in the appropriate location in your file. In some instances, such as MSN Money
Stock Quotes, a button appears enabling you to quickly insert the indicated information in
your file at the location of the insertion point. Otherwise, you can use the standard Copy
and Paste commands.
You’ll copy the translation for “paper” into the Excel workbook.
To copy information from the Research task pane into a file:
1 . Select papier in the Research task pane. This is the word you want to copy to the workbook.
2 . Right-click the selected text, and then click Copy on the shortcut menu. The text is dupli-
cated on the Office Clipboard.
3 . Right-click cell A1 , and then click Paste . The word “papier” is entered into the cell. See
Figure 13.
Figure 13
Translation copied into Excel
French label
copied into cell
click to navigate
among previous
search results
You’ll repeat this process to look up the translation for “furniture” and copy it into cell A2.
To translate and copy another word into Excel:
1 . Double-click paper in the Search for text box to select the text, type furniture , and then
click the Start searching button
in the Research task pane.
2 . Verify that you’re translating from English (U.S) to French (France).
3 . Select meubles in the translation results, right-click the selected text, and then click Copy .
4 . Right-click cell A2 , and then click Paste . The second label appears in the cell.
The Research task pane works similarly in all the Office programs. You’ll use other task
panes later in this tutorial to perform specific tasks, including opening a file and getting
Working with Files
The most common tasks you’ll perform in any Office program are to create, open,
save, and close files. The processes for each of these tasks are the same in all the Office
programs. In addition, there are several methods for performing most tasks in Office. This
flexibility enables you to use Office in a way that fits how you like to work.
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