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Open dialog box
Figure 15
folders and other
Word files stored
in this folder
appear below
agenda file to open and print
click to open the selected file
4. Click the Open button. The file containing the agenda opens in the Word program window.
Next, you’ll get information about printing files in Word.
Getting Help
If you don’t know how to perform a task or want more information about a feature, you
can turn to Office itself for information on how to use it. This information, referred to
simply as Help , is like a huge encyclopedia available from your desktop. You can access
Help in a variety of ways, including ScreenTips, the Type a question for help box, the
Help task pane, and Microsoft Office Online.
Using ScreenTips
ScreenTips are a fast and simple method you can use to get help about objects you see on
the screen. A ScreenTip is a yellow box with the button’s name. Just position the mouse
pointer over a toolbar button to view its ScreenTip.
Using the Type a Question for Help Box
For answers to specific questions, you can use the Type a question for help box , located
on the menu bar of every Office program, to find information in the Help system. You sim-
ply type a question using everyday language about a task you want to perform or a topic
you need help with, and then press the Enter key to search the Help system. The Search
Results task pane opens with a list of Help topics related to your query. You click a topic
to open a Help window with step-by-step instructions that guide you through a specific
procedure and explanations of difficult concepts in clear, easy-to-understand language.
For example, you might ask how to format a cell in an Excel worksheet; a list of Help
topics related to the words you typed will appear.
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