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Getting Help
information about tasks you want to perform, features you want to use, or anything else
you want more help with. You can connect to Microsoft Office Online from the Getting
Started task pane, the Help task pane, or the Help menu.
To connect to Microsoft Office Online, you’ll need Internet access and a Web browser
such as Internet Explorer.
To connect to Microsoft Office Online:
1. Click the Back button
in the Search Results task pane. The Word Help task pane
2. Click the Connect to Microsoft Office Online link in the task pane. Internet Explorer starts
and the Microsoft Office Online home page opens. See Figure 20. This Web page offers links
to Web pages focusing on getting help and for accessing additional Office resources, such as
additional galleries of clip art, software downloads, and training opportunities.
Figure 20
Microsoft Office Online home page
enter topic to search here
click to start search
links to
links to
about Office
Trouble? If the content you see on the Microsoft Office Online home page differs from the
figure, the site has been updated since this book was published. Continue with Step 3.
3. Click the Assistance link. The Assistance page opens. From this page, you browse for help
in each of the different Office programs. You can also enter a keyword or phrase pertaining
to a particular topic you wish to search for information on using the Search box in the
upper-right corner of the window.
4. Click the Close button
on the Internet Explorer title bar to close the browser.
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