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Exiting Programs
3. Verify that the correct printer appears in the Name list box in the Printer area. If the wrong
printer appears, click the Name list arrow, and then click the correct printer from the list of
available printers.
4. Verify that 1 appears in the Number of copies text box.
5. Click the OK button to print the document.
Trouble? If the document does not print, see your instructor or technical support person
for help.
Now that you have printed the agenda, you can close Word and Excel.
Exiting Programs
Whenever you finish working with a program, you should exit it. As with many other
aspects of Office, you can exit programs with a button or from a menu. You’ll use both
methods to close Word and Excel. You can use the Exit command to exit a program and
close an open file in one step. If you haven’t saved the final version of the open file, a
dialog box opens, asking whether you want to save your changes. Clicking the Yes button
saves the open file, closes the file, and then exits the program.
To exit a program:
1. Click the Close button on the Word title bar to exit Word. The Word document closes
and the Word program exits. The Excel window is visible again on your screen.
Trouble? If a dialog box opens, asking whether you want to save the document, you may
have inadvertently made a change to the document. Click the No button.
2. Click File on the Excel menu bar, and then click Exit . A dialog box opens asking whether
you want to save the changes you made to the workbook.
3. Click the Yes button. The Save As dialog box opens.
4. Save the workbook in the OFF\Tutorial folder with the filename French Sales Report . The
workbook closes, saving a copy to the location you specified, and the Excel program exits.
Exiting programs after you are done using them keeps your Windows desktop unclut-
tered for the next person using the computer, frees up your system’s resources, and pre-
vents data from being lost accidentally.
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