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Tutorial 1
Tutorial 1
Creating a Document
Writing a Business Letter
Art4U, Inc.
Megan Grahs is the owner and manager of Art4U, Inc., a graphics design firm in Tucson, Arizona. When Megan
founded Art4U in the early 1980s, the company drew most of its revenue from design projects for local maga-
zines, newspapers, advertising circulars, and other print publications. The artists at Art4U laboriously created
logos, diagrams, and other illustrations by hand, using watercolors, ink, pastels, and a variety of other media.
Since the advent of the Internet, however, Art4U has become one of the Southwest’s leading creators of electronic
artwork. The firm’s artists now work exclusively on computers, saving each piece of art as an electronic file that
they can e-mail to a client in a matter of minutes.
Thanks to e-mail, Art4U is no longer limited to the local Tucson market. As a result, Art4U has nearly doubled in
size over the past ten years. Most of the increase in business has come from Web page designers, who continually
need fresh and innovative graphics to use in their Web pages. In fact, Megan has just signed a contract with Web
Time Productions agreeing to create a series of logos for a high-profile Web site. She needs to return the signed
contract to Web Time Productions’ office in Chicago.
In this tutorial, you will create the cover letter that will accompany the contract. You will create the letter using
Microsoft Office Word 2003 (or simply Word ), a popular word-processing program. Before you begin typing the let-
ter, you will learn how to start the Word program, identify and use the elements of the Word screen, and adjust some
Word settings. Next, you will create a new Word document, type the text of the cover letter, save the letter, and then
print the letter for Megan. In the process of entering the text, you’ll learn several ways to correct typing errors.
| Objectives
| SAM Training Tasks
• Display formatting
• Insert text
• Modify default font
• Open a new document
Session 1.1
• Plan a document
• Identify the components
of the Word window
• Choose commands using
toolbars and menus
• Create a new document
• Save a document
• Start Word
• Zoom page width
• Zoom text width
Session 1.2
• Scroll a document and
move the insertion
• Correct errors and undo
and redo changes
• Save, preview, and print
a document
• Enter the date with
• Remove Smart Tags
• Create an envelope
• Check spelling and
grammar as you type
• Close a document and
exit Word
• Insert a date
• Insert a date with
• Move to a specific
location in a document
• Print documents
• Use AutoCorrect
• Use print preview
• Use the Smart Tag
action button
• Use Undo and Redo
• Use Word Wrap
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