Microsoft Office Tutorials and References
In Depth Information
Session 1.1
Font dialog box
Figure 1-6
use this
point size
use this font
click to make
selected font
settings the
6. In the Font list box, click Times New Roman .
7. In the Size list box, click 12 if it is not already selected.
8. Click the Default button to make Times New Roman and 12 point the default settings.
Word displays a message asking you to verify that you want to make 12-point Times New
Roman the default font.
9. Click the Yes button.
Displaying Nonprinting Characters
Nonprinting characters are symbols that can appear on the screen but are not visible on
the printed page. For example, one nonprinting character marks the end of a paragraph (¶)
and another marks the space between words (•). It’s helpful to display nonprinting charac-
ters so you can see whether you’ve typed an extra space, ended a paragraph, and so on.
Depending on how your computer is set up, nonprinting characters might have
appeared automatically when you started Word. In Figure 1-7, you can see the paragraph
symbol (¶) in the blank Document window. Also, the Show/Hide ¶ button is highlighted
in the Standard toolbar. Both of these indicate that nonprinting characters are displayed. If
they are not displayed on your screen, you need to perform the following step.
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