Microsoft Office Tutorials and References
In Depth Information
Session 1.1
Figure 1-10
New Document task pane
click to open a
new document
2. Click the Blank document button in the New Document task pane. A new document
named Document2 opens and the task pane closes.
Now that you have opened a new document, you need to insert some blank lines in
the document to ensure that you leave enough room for the company letterhead.
To insert blank lines in the document:
1. Press the Enter key eight times. Each time you press the Enter key, a nonprinting para-
graph mark appears. In the status bar (at the bottom of the Document window), you should
see the setting “At 2.5",” indicating that the insertion point is approximately 2.5 inches
from the top of the page. Another setting in the status bar should read “Ln 9,” indicating
that the insertion point is in line 9 of the document. See Figure 1-11. (Your settings may be
slightly different.)
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