Microsoft Office Tutorials and References
In Depth Information
Session 1.1
Document window after inserting blank lines
Figure 1-11
status bar
line number
insertion point
at 2.5 inches
vertical location
Trouble? If the paragraph mark doesn’t appear each time you press the Enter key, the non-
printing characters might be hidden. Click the Show/Hide ¶ button on the Standard toolbar.
Trouble? If you pressed the Enter key too many times, press the Backspace key to delete
each extra line and paragraph mark. If you’re on line 9 but the “At” number is not 2.5",
don’t worry. Different monitors produce slightly different measurements when you press
the Enter key.
Pressing Enter is a simple, fast way to insert space in a document. When you are a
more experienced Word user, you’ll learn how to insert space without using the Enter key.
Entering Text
Normally, you begin typing a letter by entering the date. However, Megan tells you that she’s
not sure whether the contract will be ready to send today or tomorrow. So she asks you to
skip the date for now and begin with the inside address. Making changes to documents is
easy in Word, so you can easily add the date later.
In the following steps, you’ll type the inside address (shown on Megan’s note, in
Figure 1-1). If you type a wrong character, press the Backspace key to delete the mistake
and then retype the correct character.
To type the inside address:
1. Type Nicholas Brower , and then press the Enter key. As you type, a nonprinting character (•)
appears between words to indicate a space. See Figure 1-12.
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