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Session 1.1
Figure 1-12
First line of inside address
indicates a space
between words
after you press Enter,
the insertion point
moves to the next line
Trouble? If a wavy line appears beneath a word, check to make sure you typed the text
correctly. If you did not, use the Backspace key to remove the error, and then retype the
text correctly.
2. Type the following text, pressing the Enter key after each line to complete the inside address:
Web Time Productions
2015 Dubuque Avenue
Chicago, IL 60025
Be sure to press the Enter key after you type the ZIP code. Ignore the dotted underline
below the street address. You’ll learn the meaning of this underline later in this tutorial.
3. Press the Enter key again to add a blank line after the inside address. (You should see a
total of two paragraph marks below the inside address.) Now you can type the salutation.
4. Type Dear Nicholas: and then press the Enter key twice to double space between the salu-
tation and the body of the letter. See Figure 1-13.
Figure 1-13
Letter with inside address and salutation
inside address
blank line
two paragraph marks
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