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Session 2.1
Note that Word automatically appends the .doc extension to document filenames to
identify them as Microsoft Word documents. However, unless your computer is set up
to display file extensions, you won’t see the .doc extension in any of the Word dialog
boxes or in the title bar. These tutorials assume that file extensions are hidden.
You’ve made a good start on the letter, and you’ve saved your work so far. In the next
session, you’ll finish typing the letter and then you’ll print it.
Session 1.1 Quick Check
1. In your own words, list the steps in creating a document.
2. Define each of the following in your own words:
a. nonprinting characters
b. Zoom setting
c. font settings
d. default settings
3. Explain how to change the document view to Normal view.
4. Explain how to display or hide the Standard toolbar.
5. True or False: To display the Formatting toolbar, you need to use a button on the
Standard toolbar.
6. True or False: Each time you press the Enter key, a nonprinting paragraph character (¶)
appears in the status bar.
7. Word automatically appends the extension to all document file
names, even if you can’t see the file extensions on the screen.
To reinforce the tasks you
learned in this session, go
to the SAM 2003 Training
Companion CD included
with this text.
Session 2.1
Continuing Work on the Letter
Now that you have saved your document, you’re ready to continue working on Megan’s
letter. As you type the body of the letter, you do not have to press the Enter key at the end
of each line. Instead, when you type a word that extends into the right margin, both the
insertion point and the word move automatically to the next line. This automatic line
breaking is called word wrap . You’ll see how word wrap works as you type the body of
the letter.
For hands-on practice of
key tasks in this session,
go to the SAM 2003
Training Companion CD
included with this text.
To continue typing the letter:
1. If you took a break after the previous session, make sure that Word is running. Also, review the
check list in Figure 1-8 and verify that your screen is set up to match the figures in this tutorial.
2. Make sure the insertion point is at Ln 16 (according to the setting in the status bar). If it’s
not, move it to line 16 by pressing the arrow keys.
3. Type the following sentence: Enclosed you will find the signed contract.
4. Press the spacebar .
5. Type the following sentence: As you can see, I am returning all three pages, with my
signature on each. Notice how Word moves the last few words to a new line when the
preceding line is full.
6. Press the Enter key to end the first paragraph, and then press the Enter key again to
create a double space between the two paragraphs.
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