Microsoft Office Tutorials and References
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Session 2.1
7. Type the following text:
Now that we have finalized the contract, I have a few questions: When will we
receive a complete schedule for the project? Also, how many preliminary designs
do you require?
When you are finished, your screen should look similar to Figure 1-15, although the line
breaks on your screen might be slightly different.
Beginning of second main paragraph
Figure 1-15
8 paragraph marks
are currently visible
line breaks might be
slightly different on
your screen
last line is line 20
insertion point
Trouble? If your screen does not match Figure 1-15 exactly, don’t be concerned. The
letter widths of the Times New Roman font can vary, which produces slightly different
measurements on different monitors. As a result, the word or letter where the line wraps
in your document might be different from the one shown in Figure 1-15.
Scrolling a Document
After you finish the last set of steps, the insertion point should be near the bottom of the
Document window. Unless you are working on a large monitor, your screen probably
looks like there’s not enough room to type the rest of Megan’s letter. However, as you con-
tinue to add text at the end of your document, the text that you typed earlier will scroll (or
shift up) and disappear from the top of the Document window. You’ll see how scrolling
works as you enter the rest of the second paragraph.
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