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Session 2.1
To observe scrolling while you’re entering text:
1. Make sure the insertion point is positioned to the right of the question mark after the
word “require.” The insertion point should be positioned at the end of line 20. See
Figure 1-15.
2. Press the spacebar , and then type the following text:
Finally, will you be available to discuss the project with our artists via a conference
call some afternoon next week? Thursday or Friday afternoon would be ideal, if
either of those options works for you.
3. Press the Enter key twice. The document scrolls up.
At some point (either as you type the text in Step 2 or when you press the Enter key in Step 3),
one or more paragraph marks at the top of the letter scroll off the top of the Document win-
dow. (Exactly when this happens depends on the size of your monitor.) When you are finished
typing, your document should look like Figure 1-16. (Don’t worry if you make a mistake in your
typing. You’ll learn a number of ways to correct errors in the next section.)
Figure 1-16
Part of document scrolled off the screen
unless you have a large monitor,
one or more paragraph
marks have probably scrolled
off the screen
4. Type the following text:
Thanks again for choosing Art4U. We look forward to working with you.
5. Press the Enter key twice.
6. Type Sincerely yours, (including the comma) to enter the complimentary closing.
7. Press the Enter key five times to allow space for a signature. Unless you have a very large
monitor, part or even all of the inside address scrolls off the top of the Document window.
8. Type Megan Grahs , and then press the Enter key. A wavy red line appears below “Grahs.” In
Word, such lines indicate possible spelling errors. Because Megan’s last name is not in the Word
dictionary, Word suggests that it might be spelled incorrectly. You’ll learn more about Word’s
error checking features in the next section. For now, you can ignore the wavy red line.
You’ve completed the letter, so you should save your work.
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