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Session 2.1
9. Click the Save button on the Standard toolbar. Word saves your letter with the same
name and in the same location you specified earlier. Don’t be concerned about any typing
errors. You’ll learn how to correct them in the next section.
In the last set of steps, you watched the text at the top of your document move off your
screen. You can scroll this hidden text back into view so you can read the beginning of
the letter. When you do, the text at the bottom of the screen will scroll out of view. To
scroll the Document window, you can click the up or down arrows in the vertical scroll
bar, click anywhere in the vertical scroll bar, or drag the scroll box. See Figure 1-17.
Note: If you are using a very large monitor, your insertion point may still be some
distance from the bottom of the screen. In that case, you may not be able to perform
the scrolling steps that follow. Read the steps to familiarize yourself with the process of
scrolling. You’ll have a chance to scroll longer documents later.
Parts of the scroll bar
Figure 1-17
click to scroll up
one line or click
and hold
drag scroll box
up or down
click to scroll
down one line
or click and hold
In the next set of steps, you will practice using the vertical scroll bar.
To scroll the document using the vertical scroll bar:
1. Position the mouse pointer on the up arrow at the top of the vertical scroll bar. Press and
hold the mouse button to scroll the text. When the text stops scrolling, you have reached
the top of the document and can see the beginning of the letter. Note that scrolling does
not change the location of the insertion point in the document.
2. Click the down arrow on the vertical scroll bar several times. The document scrolls down
one line at a time.
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