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Session 2.1
automatically corrected the spelling. After you pressed the Enter key, a wavy green line
appeared under the last two words, alerting you to the extra space. See Figure 1-18.
Document with intentional typing errors
Figure 1-18
potential errors marked by
Spelling and Grammar checker
automatically corrected words
Trouble? If red and green wavy lines do not appear beneath mistakes, Word is probably
not set to check spelling and grammar automatically as you type. Click Tools on the menu
bar, and then click Options to open the Options dialog box. Click the Spelling & Grammar
tab. If necessary, insert check marks in the “Check spelling as you type” and the “Check
grammar as you type” check boxes, and then click OK.
Working with AutoCorrect
Whenever AutoCorrect makes a change, Word inserts an AutoCorrect Options button in
the document. You can use this button to undo a change, or to prevent AutoCorrect from
making the same change in the future. To see an AutoCorrect Options button, you position
the mouse pointer over a word that has been changed by AutoCorrect.
To display an AutoCorrect Options button:
1. Position the mouse pointer over the word “corrects.” A small blue rectangle appears below
the first few letters of the word, as shown in Figure 1-19.
Word changed by AutoCorrect
Figure 1-19
AutoCorrect changed
"corects" to "corrects"
small, blue rectangle
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