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Session 2.1
Trouble? If the shortcut menu doesn’t appear, repeat Step 1, making sure you click the
right mouse button, not the left one. If you see a different menu from the one shown in
Figure 1-20, you didn’t right-click exactly on the word “commen.” Press the Esc key to
close the menu, and then repeat Step 1.
2. Click common in the shortcut menu. The menu disappears, and the correct spelling
appears in your document. Notice that the wavy red line disappears after you correct
the error.
3. Click to the right of the letter “u” in the word “you.” Press the Delete key to delete the
extra space.
You can see how quick and easy it is to correct common typing errors with AutoCorrect
and the Spelling and Grammar checker. Remember, however, to proofread each docu-
ment you create thoroughly. AutoCorrect will not catch words that are spelled correctly,
but used improperly (such as “your” for “you’re”).
Proofreading the Letter
Before you can proofread your letter, you need to delete the practice sentence.
To delete the practice sentence:
1. Confirm that the insertion point is to the right of “you” in the sentence you just typed, and
then press the Delete key repeatedly to delete any spaces and characters to the right of
the insertion point, including one paragraph mark.
2. Press the Backspace key repeatedly until the insertion point is to the left of the para-
graph mark below Megan’s name. There should only be one paragraph mark below her
name. If you accidentally delete part of the letter, retype it, using Figure 1-17 as a guide.
Now you can proofread the letter for any typos. You can also get rid of the wavy red
underline below Megan’s last name.
To respond to possible spelling errors:
1. Be sure the signature line is visible. Because Word doesn’t recognize “Grahs” as a word, it
is marked as a potential error. You need to tell Word to ignore this name wherever it occurs
in the letter.
2. Right-click Grahs . A shortcut menu opens.
3. Click Ignore All . The wavy red underline disappears from below “Grahs.”
4. Scroll up to the beginning of the letter, and proofread it for typos. If a word has a wavy
red or green underline, right-click it and choose an option in the shortcut menu. To correct
other errors, click to the right or left of the error, use the Backspace or Delete key to
remove it, and then type a correction.
5. Click the Save button on the Standard toolbar. Word saves your letter with the same
name and to the same location you specified earlier.
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