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Session 2.1
Inserting a Date with AutoComplete
The beauty of using a word-processing program such as Microsoft Word is that you can
easily make changes to text you have already typed. In this case, you need to insert the
current date at the beginning of the letter. Megan tells you that she wants to send the
contract to Web Time Productions on February 15, so you need to insert that date into
the letter now.
Before you can enter the date, you need to move the insertion point to the right loca-
tion. In a standard business letter, the date belongs approximately 2.5 inches from the top.
(As you recall, this is where you started the inside address earlier.) You also need to insert
some blank lines to allow enough space between the date and the inside address.
To move the insertion point and add some blank lines:
1. Scroll up to display the top of the document.
2. Click to the left of the “N” in “Nicholas Brower” in the inside address. The status bar indi-
cates that the insertion point is on line 9, 2.5 inches from the top. (Your status bar might
show slightly different measurements.)
3. Press the Enter key four times, and then press the key four times. Now the insertion
point is positioned at line 9, with three blank lines between the inside address and the line
where you will insert the date. See Figure 1-21.
Figure 1-21
Position of insertion point
insert date here
three blank lines
b etween date and
inside address
You’re ready to insert the date. To do this you can take advantage of Word’s AutoComplete
feature, which automatically inserts dates and other regularly used items for you. In this case,
you can type the first few characters of the month, and let Word insert the rest. (This only
works for long month names like February.)
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