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Session 2.1
To insert the date:
1. Type Febr (the first four letters of February). A rectangular box appears above the line,
as shown in Figure 1-22. If you wanted to type something other than February, you could
continue typing to complete the word. In this case, though, you want to accept the
AutoComplete suggestion, which you will do in the next step.
AutoComplete suggestion
Figure 1-22
complete word
directions tell you how to
enter the rest of the word
Trouble? If the AutoComplete suggestion doesn’t appear, this feature may not be active.
Click Tools on the menu bar, click AutoCorrect Options, click the AutoText tab, click the
Show AutoComplete suggestions check box to insert a check, and then click OK. Delete
the characters “Febr” and begin again with Step 1.
2. Press the Enter key. The rest of the word “February” is inserted in the document.
3. Press the spacebar , and then type 15, 2006 .
Trouble? If February happens to be the current month, you will see a second AutoComplete
suggestion displaying the current date after you press the spacebar. To ignore that
AutoComplete suggestion, continue typing the rest of the date as instructed in Step 3.
4. Click one of the blank lines below the date. Depending on how your computer is set up,
you may see a dotted underline below the date. (You will learn the meaning of this under-
line later in this tutorial.) You have finished entering the date. See Figure 1-23.
Date entered in the document
Figure 1-23
complete date
you might see a
dotted underline
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