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Session 2.1
Using the Undo and Redo Commands
To undo (or reverse) the very last thing you did, click the Undo button on the Standard
toolbar. If you want to restore your original change, the Redo button reverses the action
of the Undo button (or redoes the undo). To undo more than your last action, you can
click the Undo list arrow on the Standard toolbar. This list shows your most recent actions.
Undo reverses the action only at its original location. You can’t delete a word or phrase,
move the surrounding text, and then undo the deletion at a different location.
Megan asks you to undo the addition of her middle initial, to see how the signature
line looks without it.
To undo the addition of the letter “L”:
1. Place the mouse pointer over the Undo button on the Standard toolbar. The label
“Undo Typing” appears in a ScreenTip, indicating that your most recent action involved
typing. See Figure 1-25.
Using the Undo button
Figure 1-25
Redo button
Undo button
2. Click the Undo button
. The letter “L,” the period, and the space you typed earlier
are deleted.
Trouble? If something else changes, you probably made another edit or change to the
document between the addition of Megan’s middle initial and the undo. Click the Undo
button on the Standard toolbar until the letter “L,” the period, and the space following it
are deleted. If a list of possible changes appears under the Undo button, you clicked the
list arrow next to the Undo button rather than the Undo button itself. Press the Esc key to
close the list.
As she reviews the signature line, Megan decides that she does want to include her middle
initial after all. Instead of retyping it, you’ll redo the undo.
3. Place the mouse pointer over the Redo button
on the Standard toolbar and observe
the “Redo Typing” ScreenTip.
4. Click the Redo button . Megan’s middle initial (along with the period and an additional
space) are reinserted into the signature line.
5. Click the Save button
on the Standard toolbar to save your changes to the document.
Your letter is nearly finished. All that remains is to remove the straight dotted underlines
and then print the letter.
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