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Session 2.1
Removing Smart Tags
A straight dotted underline below a date or address indicates that Word has inserted a
Smart Tag in the document. A Smart Tag is a feature that allows you to perform actions
(such as sending e-mail or scheduling a meeting) that would normally require a com-
pletely different program. When you point to Smart Tag text, a Smart Tag Actions button
appears, which you can click to open a menu with commands related to that item. (For
example, you might click a Smart Tag on an address to add that address to your e-mail
address book.) You don’t really need Smart Tags in this document, though, so you will
delete them. (Your computer may not be set up to show Smart Tags at all, or it might
show them on dates but not addresses. If you do not see any Smart Tags in your docu-
ment, simply read the following steps.)
To remove the Smart Tags from the document:
1. Scroll up so you can see the inside address. If you see a straight dotted underline below the
street address (2015 Dubuque Avenue), position the mouse pointer over that line. A Smart
Tag icon
appears over the street address.
2. Move the mouse pointer over the Smart Tag icon
. The icon is transformed into the
Smart Tag Actions button
, as shown in Figure 1-26.
Figure 1-26
Displaying the Smart Tag Actions button
Smart Tag
Actions button
Smart Tag attached
to street address
3. Click the Smart Tag Actions button
. A menu of commands related to addresses
4. Click Remove this Smart Tag . The Smart Tag menu closes. The address is no longer
underlined, indicating that the Smart Tag has been removed. Depending on how your com-
puter is set up, the Smart Tag on the street address may have been the only one in your
document. But it’s possible you see others.
5. Remove any other Smart Tags in the document, including any on the date or elsewhere in
the inside address.
6. Click the Save button
on the Standard toolbar.
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