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Session 2.1
Previewing and Printing a Document
Do you think the letter is ready to print? You could find out by clicking the Print button on
the Standard toolbar and then reviewing the printed page. With that approach, however,
you risk wasting paper and printer time. For example, if you failed to insert enough space
for the company letterhead, you would have to add more space, and then print the letter
all over again. To avoid wasting paper and time, you should first display the document in
the Print Preview window . By default, the Print Preview window shows you the full page;
there’s no need to scroll through the document.
To preview the document:
1. Proof the document one last time and correct any new errors. Always remember to proof
your document immediately before printing it.
2. Replace “Megan L. Grahs” with your first and last name, at the end of the letter. This will
ensure that you will be able to identify your copy of the letter.
3. Click the Print Preview button on the Standard toolbar. The Print Preview window
opens and displays a full-page version of your letter, as shown in Figure 1-27. This shows
how the letter will fit on the printed page. The Print Preview toolbar includes a number of
buttons that are useful for making changes that affect the way the printed page will look.
Full page displayed in Print Preview window
Figure 1-27
click to return
to Normal view
One Page button
horizontal ruler
Print Preview
Trouble? If your letter in the Print Preview window is smaller and off to the left rather
than centered in the window, click the One Page button on the Print Preview toolbar.
Trouble? If you don’t see a ruler above the document, your ruler is not displayed. To show
the ruler in the Print Preview window, click View on the menu bar and then click Ruler.
4. Click the Close button on the Print Preview toolbar to return to Normal view.
5. Click the Save button
on the Standard toolbar.
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