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Session 2.1
Megan tells you that your printer is not currently stocked with envelopes. She asks you
to create the envelope and add it to the document. Then she will print the envelope later,
when she is ready to mail the contracts to Web Time Productions.
To create an envelope:
1. Click Tools on the menu bar, point to Letters and Mailings , and then click Envelopes and
Labels . The Envelopes and Labels dialog box opens, as shown in Figure 1-28. By default,
Word uses the inside address from the letter as the delivery address. Depending on how
your computer is set up, you might see an address in the Return address box. Because
Megan will be using Art4U’s printed envelopes, you don’t need to include a return address
on this envelope.
Envelopes and Labels dialog box
Figure 1-28
inside address
from letter used
as delivery address
c l ick to omit
any return
you might see
an address here
2. Click the Omit check box to insert a check, if necessary.
3. Click the Add to Document button. The dialog box closes, and you return to the Document
window. The envelope is inserted at the top of the document, above a double line with the
words “Section Break (Next Page).” The double line indicates that the envelope and the let-
ter are two separate parts of the document. The envelope will print in the standard busi-
ness envelope format. The letter will still print on standard 8.5 x 11-inch paper. (You’ll have
a chance to print an envelope in the exercises at the end of this tutorial.)
4. Click the Save button
on the Standard toolbar.
You are finished with the letter and the envelope, so you can close the document.
To close the document:
1. Click the Close Window button
on the menu bar. The Web Time Contract Letter
document closes.
Trouble? If you see a dialog box with the message “Do you want to save the changes
to ‘Web Time Contract Letter?’,” click the Yes button.
2. Close any other open documents without saving them.
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