Microsoft Office Tutorials and References
In Depth Information
Session 2.1
Congratulations on creating your first letter in Microsoft Word. You’ll be able to use the
skills you learned in this tutorial to create a variety of professional documents.
Session 1.2 Quick Check
1. True or False: The term “word wrap” refers to automatic line breaking.
2. Explain how to enter the name of a month using AutoComplete.
3. What button can you use to reverse your most recent edit immediately?
4. List the steps required to print an envelope.
5. In your own words, define each of the following:
a. scrolling
b. AutoComplete
c. Redo button
d. Smart Tag
e. Print Preview
To reinforce the tasks you
learned in this session, go
to the SAM 2003 Training
Companion CD included
with this text.
Tutorial Summary
In this tutorial you learned how to set up your Word window to match the figures in this
book, create a new document from scratch, and type a professional-looking cover letter.
You practiced correcting errors, and moving the insertion point. You learned how to undo
and redo changes, how to insert a date with AutoComplete and how to remove Smart
Tags from a document. Finally, you previewed and printed a document, and created an
Key Terms
AutoCorrect Options button
default settings
nonprinting characters
Print Preview window
Redo button
Smart Tag
Spelling and Grammar
Undo button
word wrap
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