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Session 2.1
Review Assignments
There are no Data Files needed for the Review Assignments.
Megan received an e-mail from Nicholas Brower at Web Time Productions, confirming
their plans for a conference call. Megan has e-mailed the graphic artists at Art4U, inform-
ing them about the call. To make sure everyone remembers, she would like you to post a
memo on the bulletin board in the break room. She also asks you to create an envelope so
the memo can be mailed to freelance artists who work outside the Art4U offices. Create
the memo shown in Figure 1-29 by completing the following steps. The steps show quota-
tion marks around text you type; do not include the quotation marks in your letter.
Practice the skills you
learned in the tutorial
using the same case
Figure 1-29
TO: Art4U Staff Artists
FROM: Megan L. Grahs
DATE: February 20, 2006
SUBJECT: Conference Call
Please plan to join us for a conference call at 3 p.m. on Friday, March 1. Nicholas Brower,
president of Web Time Productions, will be taking part, as will five of his company’s most
experienced Web page designers. This will be your chance to ask the designers some
important questions.
You will be able to join the call from your desk by dialing an 800 number and a special
access code. You’ll receive both of these numbers via e-mail the day of the call.
1. Make sure a new blank document is open.
2. Compare your screen to the checklist in Figure 1-8 and change any settings if neces-
sary. In particular, make sure that nonprinting characters are displayed and the Getting
Started task pane is open.
3. Press the Enter key eight times to insert enough space for the company letterhead.
4. Type “TO:” in capital letters, and then press the spacebar.
5. Turn off capitalization if you turned it on in Step 4, and then type “Art4U Staff
Artists”. Throughout the rest of this exercise, turn capitalization on and off as needed.
6. Press the Enter key twice, type “FROM:”, press the spacebar, turn off capitalization,
and then type your name.
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