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Session 2.1
7. Press the Enter key twice, type “DATE:”, and then press the spacebar.
8. Enter the date February 20, 2006 using AutoComplete when possible to reduce the
amount of typing required.
9. Press the Enter key twice, type “SUBJECT:”, press the spacebar, type “Conference
Call”, and then press the Enter key three times.
10. Continue typing the rest of the memo as shown in Figure 1-29. (You will have a
chance to correct any typing errors later.) Ignore any AutoCorrect suggestions that
are not relevant to the text you are typing.
11. Save your work as Call Memo in the Tutorial.01\Review folder provided with your
Data Files.
12. Practice using the keyboard to move the insertion point around the document. Use
the arrow keys so the insertion point is positioned immediately to the left of the “A” in
“Art4U” in the “TO” line.
13. Type “All” and a space, so the TO line reads “TO: All Art4U Staff Artists”.
14. Undo the change and then redo it.
15. Scroll to the beginning of the document and proofread your work.
16. Correct any misspelled words marked by wavy red lines. If the correct spelling of
a word does not appear in the shortcut menu, close the list, and then make the cor-
rection yourself. Remove any red wavy lines below words that are actually spelled
correctly. Then correct any grammatical or other errors indicated by wavy green lines.
Delete any extra words or spaces.
17. Remove any Smart Tags.
18. Save your most recent changes.
19. Preview and print the memo.
20. Add an envelope to the document. Use your own address as the delivery address. Do
not include a return address.
21. Save your changes and close the Call Memo document. If any other documents are
open, close them without saving any changes.
Case Problem 1
There are no Data Files needed for this Case Problem.
Wingra Family Practice Clinic You are a nurse at Wingra Family Practice Clinic. You have
organized a lunchtime lecture series for the clinic staff in which regional medical profes-
sionals will discuss topics related to pediatric healthcare. You have hired your first speaker
and need to write a letter confirming your agreement and asking a few questions. Create
the letter by completing the following steps. The steps show quotation marks around text
you type; do not include the quotation marks.
Apply the skills you
learned to create a
letter about a health
care lecture.
1. Open a new blank document if one is not already open, and then check your screen
to make sure your settings match those shown earlier in Figure 1-8.
2. Locate the Undo and Redo buttons on the Standard toolbar and be prepared to use
them as necessary as you work on the letter.
3. Type your name, press Enter, and then type the following address:
Wingra Family Practice Clinic
2278 Norwood Place
Middleton, WI 52247
4. Press the Enter key four times, and then type “May 8, 2007” as the date.
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