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Session 2.1
5. Press the Enter key four times, and using the proper business letter format, type this
inside address:
Dr. Susanna Trevay
James Madison Medical Center
56 Ingersoll Drive
Madison, WI 53788
6. Double space after the inside address (that is, press the Enter key twice), type the
salutation “Dear Dr. Trevay:”, and then insert a blank line.
7. Type the paragraph as follows: “Thank you so much for agreeing to lecture about early
childhood vaccinations on Friday, May 25. Before I can publicize your talk, I need some
information. Please call by Tuesday with your answers to the following questions:”
8. Save your work as Lecture Series Letter in the Tutorial.01\Cases folder provided with
your Data Files.
9. Insert one blank line, and then type these questions on separate lines with one blank
line between each:
Which vaccines will you cover in detail?
Will you discuss common immune responses to vaccine antigens?
Will you provide hand-outs with suggested vaccination schedules?
10. Move the insertion point to the beginning of the third question (which begins “Will
you provide…”). Insert a new line, and add the following as the new third question in
the list: “Would you be willing to take questions from the audience?”
11. Correct any spelling or grammar errors indicated by red or green wavy lines. Because
“Wingra” is spelled correctly, use the shortcut menu to remove the wavy red line
under the word “Wingra” and prevent Word from marking the word as a misspelling.
Repeat to ignore “Trevay,” “Ingersoll,” and any other words that are spelled correctly
but that are marked as misspellings.
12. Insert a blank line after the last question, and type the complimentary closing
“Sincerely,” (including the comma).
13. Press the Enter key four times to leave room for the signature, and type your full
name. Then press the Enter key and type “Wingra Family Practice Clinic”. Notice that
“Wingra” is not marked as a spelling error this time.
14. Scroll up to the beginning of the document, and then remove any Smart Tags in the letter.
15. Save your changes to the letter, and then preview it using the Print Preview button.
16. Print the letter, and then close the document.
Case Problem 2
There are no Data Files needed for this Case Problem.
Pear Tree Investment Services As a financial planner at Pear Tree Investment Services,
you are responsible for keeping your clients informed about new investment options. You
have just learned about a program called HigherEdVest, which encourages parents to save
for their children’s college education. Write a letter to a client introducing the program
and asking him to call for more information. Create the letter by completing the following
steps. The steps show quotation marks around text you type; do not include the quotation
marks in your letter.
Apply the skills you
learned to create a
letter informing a client
about a new investment
1. Open a new, blank document if one is not already open, and then check your screen
to make sure your settings match those shown earlier in Figure 1-8.
2. Locate the Undo and Redo buttons on the Standard toolbar and be prepared to use
them as necessary as you work on the letter.
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